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An Aunt's Animal Alphabet by Hailey Kathleen Hall

BOOK: An Aunt's Animal Alphabet
AUTHOR: Hailey Kathleen Hall

*My Ratings* : 4.3/5 ⭐

 "An Aunt's Animal Alphabet" is a beautiful illustrated book by Hailey Kathleen Hall to help your children learn the English alphabet and identify animals around us .

From the small hardworking ant to the playful puppy in the park, Through this book kids will get to know about different animals and their nature .This book has all elements from impressive hand_drawn illustrations to the catchy nursery rhymes.

Parents and grandparents alike can have a great time reading this book with their loved ones.The beautiful illustrations will delight young children . Attractive images and large labels at each page help the child seek the animals faster.

I must say that it is the most creative children's book that I have seen.Making it one that you and your child want to read again and again .

Buy An Aunt's Animal Alphabet for your children to explore the world of animals! Available at Amazon.

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