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The Death of Me: The Legacy Series Book 1 by Carolyn M. Bowen

BOOK - The Death of Me: The Legacy Series Book 1
AUTHOR: Carolyn M. Bowen

*My Ratings* : 4.6/5 ⭐

Carolyn M. Bowen brings to us a fast paced crime- thriller story that keeps the readers at the edge throughout the story. The Death of Me is the first book in The Legacy Series. 

The protagonist of the story is David, he is now in Tuscany to get away from his family and find love. He meets with Lilia, an agent of Intelligence Agency of Italy, who is on a mission to discover something related to nuclear weapons and also to recruit David as an agent for the agency. David knows about his mafia history and knows how dangerous it could be for his family. 

In sudden change of events, his bestfriend is murdered and the motive is still unknown. This incident changes everything for David, he is now dragged in the world of crime and is now the new Don. With all these sudden changes and traitors from his family ready to stab him in the back, will he be able to find his friend's killer and will he get a happy life with his love Lilia. 

The story right from the beginning is engaging. Every chapter has some new twists and developments to the story, the fast paced narrative is good as it never lets the reader bored of the story. And reading a crime-thrilller novel after a long time was really great. 

I loved this book and I'm eagerly waiting for it's next parts. The lovers of crime- thriller genre are definitely gonna love this book and should give it a try.

Link to buy this Book - Click here!


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