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The Bloodshed Of The Betrayed (The Mercy Chronicles Book 1) by A.L. Slade

BOOK: The Bloodshed Of The Betrayed (The Mercy Chronicles Book 1)
AUTHOR: A.L. Slade 

*My Ratings* : 4.7/5 ⭐

First things first, this book is nothing like anything I have read before, no uncanny resemblance of any other great work of fantasy, not one. This story is completely new and different in many ways. A.L. Slade has done a great work here. 

Angels don't have emotions and just follow the orders given by god. There is always a doubt that if Angels will have emotions and feelings they may end up not following what God has asked them to do. Angel Laramie is the first angel who has been given emotions for a test, that whether the angels are ready to balance between emotions and duty. But, when on the assignment Laramie ends up liking Maggie, a human and the mission fails. She is then banished to earth now to live like a human. And Maggie gets into trouble for the deeds of Laramie.  Now Laramie has to save him, will she be able to do it? 

Magda Mercy is a student in an university, when her brother, a military man returns on a leave for a family emergency. The best thing about the book is how well the two story merges and then moves forward. 

The characters are really strong and full of emotions. The story becomes more awesome  on the entry of Lucifer. The book is a sure page turner and a emotional roller coaster. 

I will recommend this book to everyone, because I don't have any reasons why a person will not love this. I'm eagerly waiting for the upcoming books in the series.

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